What we do

Data-driven solutions and innovative products for the music industry.

Mood for djs

Our newest platform designed exclusively for DJs. Build your fanbase, connect with your crowd, and leave your mark. Download the app, upload your schedule, and unlock endless opportunities. Let's shape the future of music together. Get ready to elevate your career with Mood for DJs.

Mood for Venues

Still trying to make your venue attractive to the right crowd? With Mood, you'll enjoy free targeted advertising, direct connection with your audience, and powerful analytics. Get onboard with Mood to unlock the full potential of your venue.

Empowering artists with data

Gain valuable insights into your catalog's performance and ensure fair compensation for your work. Stay informed, stay ahead, and explore new opportunities for success.

Efficient Royalty Management for Publishers

Ensure accurate and efficient royalty distribution while maintaining transparency and fairness.

Data-Driven A&R

Discover your repertoire's potential and make informed marketing strategies with Mood's cutting-edge insights and analytics. Take your A&R game to the next level and stay ahead of the curve.